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This website is dedicated to the Blazing Render engine, a real-time 3D rendering engine developed by Argonaut Technologies Ltd. throughout the 1990s.

While it did not become massively popular in its time, several cult-classics did end up utilizing the engine, including Carmageddon and Microsoft 3D Movie Maker.

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On May 3rd 2022, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker officially became open-source, in conjunction with BRender itself. Now both released under the very permissive MIT license, what once cost thousands of GBP can now be downloaded by anyone, anywhere.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated software archaeology work of Foone Turing, not to mention everyone who worked at Argonaut.

The following are various links to the original BRender source code releases, as well as other BRender erratica and attempts at modernization.

Various source releases:

- Microsoft 3D Movie Maker

- BRender 1.1.2

- BRender 1997

- BRender 1.3.2

- BRender CrocDE

Previously discovered SDKs:

- BRender for OS/2

- BRender x86 1.1.2

- BRender Evaluation Kit 1.2

Other sources:

- Foone wiki on BRender

- Carmageddon wiki on BRender

- Various Carmageddon-related BRender tools

- BRender files archive

Porting & Modernizing BRender:

- bjrkk: BRender 1.1.2 + SDL2

- bjrkk: BRender 1.1.2 + CMake

- bjrkk: 3DMM Ported to BRender 1.1.2

- Foone: 3DMM Forever

BRender tools:

Blender Plugin

Blender plugin for importing and exporting BRender SDK/Carmageddon models.


Kaitai Struct Definitions File

Kaitai Struct definitions file for BRender datafiles. Can be used to parse most files in the BRender SDKs. Should work with Carmageddon 1 files.


BRender credits:

(Courtesy of Foone Turing)

Role Personnel
Programming Sam Littlewood, Dan Piponi, Simon Everett, Philip Pratt
Ports Simon Everettm, Philip Pratt, Patrick Buckland, Zareh Johannes, Anthony Savva, Stainless Software Ltd.
Testing Philip Pratt
Project Management Stefano Zammattio
Technical Reference Manual Crosbie Fitch, Philip Pratt
Tutorial & Installation Guides Robbie McQuaid
Marketing Paul Ayscough, Mitra Faulkner
Sales Edwin Masterson
Artwork Michel Bowes
Technical Support Neela Dass, Tony Roberts, John Gay, Jon Wolff
With Thanks to Pete Warnes, Mike Day, Tim Gummer, Vinay Gupta, Marcia Petterson, Jez San

BRender is copyright ©1992-1998 Argonaut Technologies Ltd.

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